Olga Sergeevna Mikrukova was born July 21, 1990 in Kirov- historical, cultural, industrial and scientific center of kirov oblast´. Is the bithplace of Dymkovskoj toys. Fur and the Russian capital. In a typical family working at the plant.
Mother — Nadezhda Evgenevna 1954 she works in Kirov Oblast´ Administration of the city of Kirov, also retired.
Dad — Sergei Leonidovoch 1956 he worked as the Chief of the district heating Divisiontrading network «Globus», retired in 2015.
And there are distant relatives in Novosibirsk. Have their own small theatre. This family business by profession-musicians.

Graduated from secondary school with profound study of individual subjects No. 52 city Kirov in 2007.

Worked with great interest. During the year elective courses on literature, basics of business and psychology.
Love sports, visited mugs pool, gymnastics.
In their free time, Olga likes to read, write poems — songwrites, listen to world music, draw inspiration from life events.
On leaving school enters the in the State educational institution of the elementary vocational school No. 5 of the City of Kirov Specialty «Tailor».
After school also hosts several special courses on specialties such as: shop assistant, Secretary, music courses.
After hard studying Olga began his creative base project called 24ARTLIFE. Pushed tocreate a project perspective to realize a dream to do a good deed, to teach people to be socially smart. The slogan of the project is the motto: «Live. Create. Love.»
Fictional state name Olga Moon, in honor of the Earth is ruler under the sign of cancer.
She has been a participant of numerous poetic contests since 2017 on 2019.

It is Printed in the almanac of poetry.

She published her first own collection with poems OLGA MOON «THE ART OF POETRY» in three languages of the world: English, Russian, Spanish.